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Wanted: Books to Review

Indie authors, welcome! I’m looking for books to review! I read romance, fantasy, science fiction, and young adult. If you have a book that you’d like to get some reviews posted to goodreads, amazon, barnes & noble, or anywhere else, really, please submit your information down below and I’ll get back to you!

UPDATE: Please note that I also enjoy any type of paranormal fiction.



Hey everyone. As many of you know, I’m writing a book! I’m currently at 18,260 words. When I reach 25k, I’m giving away a $25 amazon gift card! All you have to do is leave an encouraging comment below. Feel free to reblog, share with friends, etc., etc.!

5 FREEBIES ON FRIDAY (Sept 13, 2013)


Here’s a list of FREE BOOKS I got today on Reviews will be posted as I get them read!


The Witch Narratives: Reincarnation – Belinda Vasquez Garcia

Brightest Kind of Darkness – P.T. Michelle

Gravity – Abigail Boyd

Her Dark Angel – Felicity Heaton

Branded – Keary Taylor

Dark Creations: Gabriel Rising – Jennifer and Christopher Martucci

The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning – Ally Thomas

Amethyst – Heather Bowhay

Child of the Mist – Kathleen Morgan

Cornerstone – Kelly Walker

Gone – Christine Kersey

The Mind Readers – Lori Brighton

Stained – Ella James

Open Minds – Susan Kaye Quinn

Arianna Rose – Jennifer and Christopher Martucci

The Fallen Star – Jessica Sorensen

The Descent Seres – S.M. Reine

A Job from Hell – Jayde Scott

Insight – Jamie Magee

The Binding Stone – Lisa Gail Green

Identity – Ted Dekker

To Catch a Bad Guy – Marie Astor

Land of Shadows – Jeff Gunzel

The Light Keepers – Mande Matthews

The GIrl – Lola StVil

A Hidden Fire – Elizabeth Hunter

Where the Dead Talk – Ken Davis

The One You Love  Paul Pilkington

Hostile Witness – Rebecca Forster

BOOK BLITZ! Review, Release and FREE BOOK


by Daelynn Quinn


“I’d lost everything…almost.

I woke up in the wilderness unaware of the desolate
world that surrounded me and the virus that took my

I didn’t even recognize the man I loved.

But to rescue my niece I must return to the place I escaped, the place that stole my memories.

They will not do it to me again.”

In the aftermath of a virus that has obliterated ninety-three percent of the population, Pollen McRae, a young woman plagued with a tragic past, finds herself scarred and abandoned in the wilderness, unable to remember the previous weeks. There she meets Marcus, a mysterious man with a similar plight. Together they are determined to escape a trio of bounty hunters and rescue Pollen’s niece, Evie from her imprisonment at the Crimson Survivor Refuge, a refugee camp which serves as a cover for a much more sinister plot.

Meanwhile, a renegade environmental organization is recruiting survivors for a mission that will change the course of human existence forever.



Reads like a horror flick: fast-paced, non-stop action, with twists around every corner. Dystopian societies are some of my favorite reads, and this one does not disappoint. I think this could really rival some of the hot reads like The Hunger Games. Characters are believable and easy to relate to, never taking any actions that don’t make sense, always following instincts. There’s a lot of intense foreshadowing and it never disappoints. I didn’t understand the title until the end, and then it blew my mind. There is a lot of novel material in this book and I truly look forward to reading the sequel. I would add this to your TBR and Must Read lists!


And for those of you who DO add this to your TBR list, IT’S FREE FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS! To celebrate the release of Crimson Return, Fall of Venus is free on Amazon for two whole days! Don’t miss out!


If you’ve read this great book, don’t miss out on the sequel, releasing today! Crimson Return is available on Amazon and smashwords!

Daelynn Quinn

Twitter: @daelynnquinn

Note from the author:
“I should also mention that Fall of Venus is only available to purchase on Kindle and paperback until October 15. After that I will be able to publish for other ereaders. However, for the duration of the free promotion I will give out free copies in all ebook formats for anyone who agrees to write an honest review on Goodreads and Amazon.”
If you are interested in doing a review for Quinn, please email her at
**Please note that my honest opinion of Fall of Venus was given in return for a free copy of the book. No other compensation was received.**

Free on Kindle: Caste by RaeLynn Fry

Love a free book, and this one sounds excellent!

Book Expectations

Download it now!


Seventeen-year-old Karis Singh’s little brother is dying and the Corporation’s Analysis has concluded that he’s not worth saving. One thing is stopping her from going into the city and stealing the medicine herself— the tattooed Mark that physically bars her from entering. The only way around that is to get it altered in the Black Market- an act that carries the possibility of a horrific and slow death— guaranteeing her the access she needs.

Willing to do whatever it takes, she accepts the help of the mysterious Ethan, a boy with an agenda of his own and who knows too much about the enemy. As her time in the city passes, dark secrets are uncovered about the Corporation and what really happened to her brother. When the tables turn and the stakes get higher, Karis is forced to align herself with the deadliest beast of all…

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The Character Profile

Character creation is an extremely important part of your story. If your characters are likable, or, on the other hand, hateable, your readers will be able to relate to your characters, and the more developed your characters are, the more depth your story will have. So let’s take a look what kinds of things you need to know about your characters before you start writing. I’ll use one of the characters from my story I’m working on as an example.

The Character Profile

Name: Aloran Godwin

Nickname: Lor

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2″

Weight:185 lbs

Hair: Golden blonde

Eyes: Blue

Skin color: Tanned

Scars: Whip scars on his back, a deep scar down his chin from a bar fight

Family: Mother, deceased father, only child, no spouse or children

Skills: bow and arrow, hunting, fishing, tanning leather, some sword skills

Life: Was raised by his mother and father. His father was a drunk and beat him a lot, which is where the whip scars are from. His mother was very kind, if not a pushover, and she would baby him when his father was away or passed out. Eventually his father died of alcohol-related illness, and his mother moved to a small cottage in town, where she still resides. As a teenager, Lor started as an apprentice to the leather tanner. He has made a good life for himself hunting and tanning hides, and is now looking to start a family.

Motivation: Lor is “lawful good”; this means that he follows and enforces the laws, and lives by strict moral standards. He helps the poor, punishes or turns in the bad, and actively works toward bettering himself.

Check out this blog post for a great character template that will help you completely flesh out your characters!

Check out this blogger’s awesome page, too!